Yoga, stress management, meditation and relaxation techniques  all play vital roles in creating a successful, happy and productive workplace environment.  Scientific documentation supports the measurable impact of these ancient, time-tested techniques on employees in a vast array of industries.  Absenteeism decreases and standards of excellence increase. Classes are tailored to the specific goals of the group, team, club or project.  Lunchtime yoga, corporate retreats, seminars, lectures and led topic discussions are some of the tools we can use together to meet outlined objectives. Success will be evident. 

Stress is experienced by everyone but those who learn these management techniques and implement them into their lives excel and thrive while creating a deep personal satisfaction along the way.


One of the best things our company ( did was to offer a lunchtime yoga 45-minute program taught by Luke Ketterhagen as part of our wellness initiative.  The break from a sedentary desk-bound routine in the middle of the day was enthusiastically received. Luke was always eager to connect with everyone and interested in individual needs.  He is also very professional and sensitive to the corporate surroundings and office environment. The people who participated were all very grateful to be offered this opportunity to practice with Luke.  He’s a uniquely skilled person for this service—I highly recommend Luke to any firm interested in keeping its staff happy and healthy!  —Susanne Taslimi, CFO Taslimi Construction.


Our company ( was seeking a warm, dedicated and approachable expert to guide us once a week through some stretches and meditation in the office. Our goal was to enliven, invigorate and inspire our small staff of 20, giving them respite from the hectic and often times overwhelming work days of commercial production. Everyone—from Executive Producers to the Receptionist—joined in when they could to partake in the practice. Luke was the perfect guide on our journey to relaxation and centeredness. A true and genuine spirit, Luke is a deeply committed and experienced person of ritual and practice—we were in the best of hands. We would always finish, smiles on our faces, ready to take on the rest of the day with fearless and happy souls. —Tiffany Fordham / Brand Communications Manager / Furlined / Los Angeles.



"When Luke began teaching our yoga classes, we quickly learned how lucky we were to have him as our yoga instructor. He adjusted the instruction to enable students of all levels to participate and benefit from yoga in both body and mind. I personally believe that the yoga classes I took with Luke improved my flexibility and focus enough to help me win 2 country club golf championships. Many students, who were skeptical about their ability to practice yoga and the benefits they would gain, grew to love the practice and it's all due to Luke's talent, demeanor and caring."   — Gail